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Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants typically provide support to companies, agencies, or individuals by handling customer service,  scheduling Etc,

e-commerce support

Running an eCommerce business is a big and tricky job. Trickier is running a successful business in that. When eCommerce is in such a boom today and every other entrepreneur is finding his way to this high yielding business arena, competition is quite an obvious phenomenon to get noticed.

Digital marketing

Digital  marketing uses social media platforms and SEO to target the audience. We use this platform for building a brand, increasing sales, and driving website traffic. First, we have to determine your goals. Evaluation of your resources and knowing your audience would be our first step.

About Us

Cryssails, a premier Digital Marketing Company in kolkata has established itself as one of the best service provider in the area of Virtual Assistant, e-commerce support and Digital marketing With website and Mobile APP development


To act as affordable digital partner for business and institutions by providing safe and secure simple online solutions and enable them to achieve profitable growth / high social returns


To become the most trusted & preferred digital partner for businesses in East & NE india as well as Bangladesh

Clients We Worked With

Why Choose Us?

Since inception, we have constantly strived to provide the highest quality of service through committed efforts, proficiency, and honesty of our code team of experienced digital marking professionals, SEO professionals, software Developers, Social Media Marketing professionals. Which helps your business success on digital platform.

Your mission and goals are the compass to our vision. There are many digital marketing companies out there. But what sets us apart in the crowd is our commitment to shape our approach around clients’ unique needs and requirements. We don’t just work “for” business owners — we work “with” them

Advantages of digital world

Increase in sales, Target the right Audience , Worldwide reach, Low cost, Track-able result

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

Businesses can no longer sustain without a Strategic Digital Market Plan under their belt. In this new era of advertising and marketing, digital has become a reliable way to connect business with millions of consumers worldwide. Especially since the off-set of covid-19 which has led to the collapse of traditional media and restricted everyone to their homes.

Our Team

Highly Motivated Team with Sense of Humour

Cryssails  is a team of happy and happening individuals that come together to create a magical work-cum-living culture. Our core value centers on delivering an exceptional experience to clients. But moreover, it foretells about our efforts of creating an exceptional experience for our own selves. Because we firmly believe, big success comes with great experience. For clients. For us


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