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Remote office Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants typically provide support to companies, agencies, or individuals by handling customer service, accounting, scheduling, administrative tasks,. Sometimes called virtual receptionists or virtual personal assistants, they aren’t required to work in an office and can perform their tasks from the safety and comfort of their own home..

e-commerce support

Running an eCommerce business is a big and tricky job. Trickier is running a successful business in that. When eCommerce is in such a boom today and every other entrepreneur is finding his way to this high yielding business arena, competition is quite an obvious phenomenon to get noticed

Digital marketing

In today’s digital world people make a search on internet before any buying decision .Digital marketing uses social media platforms and SEO to target the audience. We use this platform for building a brand, increasing sales, and driving website traffic. First, we have to determine your goals. Evaluation of your resources and knowing your audience would be our first step.

Solutions for Small Business

Small business will be destroy, if they have not any footprint on internet. We are only one provider to eneble them on digital world with a very low price . now your quality will fight with the giants of the world . our #BizDevlite and #E-comProd plan will be your arsenal

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

Businesses can no longer sustain without a Strategic Digital Market Plan under their belt. In this new era of advertising and marketing, digital has become a reliable way to connect business with millions of consumers worldwide. Especially since the off-set of covid-19 which has led to the collapse of traditional media and restricted everyone to their homes.


Chipest soultions for Small Business Digitazation by Responsive website + SEO+ Google Business setup + SM setup and web Shop booting for 5 daysHosting

Rs 9999*


Setup the Amazon and FlipKart account with product listing with affiliated marketing support

  Rs 8999**.


Our Digital marketing services encourage you to enhance your online purchase to next label with innovative marketing solutions.  Service starting from

Rs 9999/Month


For E Commerce Website Designing and app developent,You pay us onetime, by thus you choose to focus on launching of your store without any further financial burden. development work starting from

Rs 17999

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